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Every company has data, but what sets apart the few is how they use that use that data. Simply put, analytics is the backbone of the modern economy, maximizing potential for improvement, while simultaneously minimizing inefficiency, it bridges the gap between the present and the future.

Our Analytics Advisory experts can help your business gain more from each of the Business Intelligence tools and software you use. We provide a customizable solutions profile that ensures regardless of the scale, we help you grow and take your business a step further, through better and precise business insights leveraging our core AI/BI solutions.

BI Audit & Program Management

Bottlenecks and acceptance problems cost companies millions in losses, how about a system which can solve those problems in advance? How about telling you whether the problems are technical, or organizational? Our Business Intelligence(BI) Audit, can help you fix or avoid these exact issues. Sounds like magic, works like a charm. A typical BI Audit will usually consist of identifying the following key aspects:

  • The response times when carrying out online analysis and the currency of the information;
  • The quality of both the data and the information;
  • The way in which the data is extracted from the source systems (ETL);
  • The way the information is visualized;

BI Maturity Assessment

A BI Maturity Assessment resolves what is the business need for BI, the understanding of business processes and practical systems to support BI, the level of the breakthrough of current BI initiatives, future BI plans, and frameworks the necessary steps needed to make BI work.

  • Business Need – Define what are the top business needs and demands for BI, as well as the benefits a BI program will bring to your company.
  • Availability of Information – Whether the company has all the information they need to answer their current business questions and identify and easily support new business opportunities.
  • Current Business Intelligence Capability – Assess the effectiveness of your BI organization and governance, identify current and future users of BI.