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Big Data Analytics

Powered by 300+ Data Engineers, Data Scientists and Visualization Experts We apply science, latest tools and technologies to improve decisions at some of the world’s largest companies. Focusing on their business needs, we assign expert in-house teams, ensuring clear, transparent and result-oriented workflows by using different agile solutions for continuous value delivery.

Whether you are just getting started, or already have a sophisticated architecture in place, the Big Data Managed Services team at ARTIFIQ can have a significant impact. We blend diverse data, design instant machine learning models and build customized reports and dashboards to unleash the full potential of any big data platform.

Data Warehousing

It’s always a challenge to set up a big data ecosystem. Data lakes and data warehouses are a necessary component of these systems and a brilliantly designed data warehouse meets all your needs now and in the future.

  • Device data warehouse capacities for current and future use
  • Enhance Big Data infrastructure for your workflow
  • Blending data from new and traditional sources
  • Build optimized data structures

Big Data Analytics

Not only extract insights from fast-moving data on the fly with big data analytics but also ramp up this process enabling organizations with faster and efficient access to actionable data. ARTIFIQ uses text analytics, machine learning and other advanced techniques to provide information that businesses and enterprises need to react to events and make better and more informed decisions faster than ever.

  • Boost efficiency of the data analytics process.
  • Test and adopt new tools such as Hadoop, SAP Hana, Hive and Python to generate more impactful results.
  • Build up exceptional analytics like sentiment analysis, complex event processing etc.
  • Leverage the expertise of over 100 data scientists and data engineers.

Big Data Application Development

Get customizable big data applications created to explore, analyze, and manage an extensive range of data based on your specific needs. Data varieties that these particular applications can hold include traditional, streaming and unconventional data that precedent was problematic to incorporate.

  • Get web-ready or mobile apps
  • Stake real-time, near real-time or batch processing
  • Participate in the most effective & effective UI design
  • Combine the app with your existing big data framework